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UCL Hosts Moral Maze

The Moral Maze is recorded in front of an audience of UCL students. Dr Kate Greasley (UCL Law) comments on the ethics of abortion, providing an argument which is broadly in support of abortion. Listen: BBC World News ‘HARDtalk’ (from 26 mins 34 secs) , More: UCL News

Bring your law studies to life with pro bono work

Professor Richard Moorhead (UCL Laws) comments in an article encouraging law students to take on pro bono work to give a real-world dimension to their studies. Read: Guardian

Making war illegal changed the world. But it’s becoming too easy to break the law

Professor Scott Shapiro (UCL Laws) co-authors a long read on the contemporary disintegration of the laws prohibiting the use of force. Read: Guardian

Professor Piet Eeckhout gives opinion on ECJ jurisdiction

Professor Piet Eeckhout (Dean, UCL Laws) explains the deep influence of ECJ jurisprudence in the context of a discussion on the court's role post-Brexit.  Watch: BBC Newsnight (from 17 mins 15 secs)

Pig organs could soon be transplanted into humans

Professor Robin Weiss (UCL Infection & Immunity) and Professor Jonathan Montgomery (UCL Laws) discuss the potential risks and possible regulatory environment that could surround organ transplants from pigs. Read: Independent , More: New Scientist , BBC World Service 'Newshour' (from 9 mins)

Despite Charlie Gard’s tragic story, we must respect the process of our courts

Professor Sir Ian Kennedy highlights the crucial role of the courts in medical cases where there is a difference of opinion as to a child's best interests. Read: Guardian , More: Mail Online

Charlie Gard: Legal expert criticises American expert at the centre of the case

Professor Jonathan Montgomery (UCL Laws) says that the American expert, Dr Michio Hirano, gave Charlie Gard's parents 'spurious' hope. Listen: Talk Radio, More: LA Times , BBC Radio Scotland 'Good Morning Scotland' (from 1 hr 9 mins 3 secs) , BBC Radio 2 'Jo Whiley' (from 30 secs) , Guardian

Charlie Gard High Court hearing

Commenting on the Charlie Gard case, Professor Jonathan Montgomery (UCL Laws) said that while it was right to consider the views of Charlie’s parents, English law is focused on the protection of children’s rights. Read: Sky News, More: CBS News, Global News.

Lawyers plan to stop UK dropping EU rules on environment after Brexit

Professor Richard Macrory (UCL Laws), who is leading the taskforce of lawyers, says the complexity, scale and political resistance mean key protections could be lost during rollover into law. Read: The Guardian

Call for legislation to govern AI

Dr Sylvie Delacroix (UCL Laws) comments on the ethics of artificial intelligence and the role of lawyers. Read: Law Gazette

Is interfering with genes ethical?

Professor Jonathan Montgomery (UCL Laws) discusses revisiting the 14-day rule for permitting embryo research. Watch: BBC One ‘The Big Questions’ (from 11 mins 18 secs)

The Tories wisely defer plans to fiddle with human-rights laws

Professor Philippe Sands (UCL Laws) says there is no real prospect of Britain leaving the European Convention on Human Rights, as a result of Brexit. Read: The Economist

Was the Khmer Rouge Tribunal Worth It?

Professor Philippe Sands (UCL Laws) comments on the United Nations-backed tribunal into the crimes of the Khmer Rouge. He says assessments of the process that combined Cambodian and international judges and prosecutors should be based on more than just finances and convictions.  Read: New York Times

Ban on Head Scarves at Work Is Legal, E.U. Court Rules

Professor Colm O'Cinneide (UCL Laws) comments on the potential implications of a European Court of Justice decision finding that private employers can legally bar employees from wearing head scarves at work.  Read: New York Times

Welsh devolution

Professor Rick Rawlings (UCL Laws) is interviewed about the constituting of the fourth main phase of Welsh devolution in just twenty years, in the Wales Act 2017. Listen: BBC Radio Wales 'Sunday Supplement' (from 42 mins 22 secs)

Artificial 'embryos' created in the lab

Professor Jonathan Montgomery (UCL Laws) comments on the potential regulatory implications if researchers move from artificial mouse embryos to the development of artificial human embryos. Read: BBC News , Listen: BBC Radio 5 live '5 live Breakfast' (from 3 mins 24 secs)

Trump Backing for Bayer’s Monsanto Deal Buoys Investors

Professor Ioannis Lianos (UCL Laws) comments on the implications of Bayer buying out Monsanto for competition in the industry, as the deal would make Bayer the top global supplier of both seeds and pesticides. Read: Wall Street Journal (£)

Survey reveals UK judges' concerns over pay and safety

Professor Cheryl Thomas (UCL Laws) conducted the 2016 UK Judicial Attitude Survey, which found many judges are dissatisfied and feel underpaid, unsafe and underappreciated. Read: The Guardian , More: The Times , Daily Mail , The Guardian (2) , BBC News , Sky News

Reforms to Official Secrets Act are opportunity to modernise anti-spying laws

Professor David Ormerod (UCL Laws), who is currently on secondment to the Law Commission, writes about how a government review of the laws that protect official information is a once-in-a-century opportunity. Read: The Telegraph

Lawyer who acted in landmark Brexit ruling gives inside story

An article written by David Pannick, QC, the lawyer who represented Gina Miller in the Supreme Court case finding that Brexit must be approved in Parliament, mentions that the case's arguments stemmed from a blog post by Professor Jeff King and Dr Tom Hickman (UCL Laws). Read: The Times

Revisiting the 14-day rule

Professor Jonathan Montgomery (UCL Laws) is interviewed about the ethics of doing research on human embryos for longer than 14 days, which is the current legal limit. Listen: BBC Radio 4 'Revisiting the 14-Day Rule' (from 17 mins 40 secs)

Why can't the UK government trigger Brexit?

Dr Alan Renwick (UCL Constitution Unit), Professor Piet Eeckhout (UCL Laws) and Professor Robert Hazell (UCL Constitution Unit) discuss the implications of the UK Supreme Court ruling that Brexit must be put before Parliament. Watch: BBC World Service 'Newshour' ,  More: BBC Radio London 'Petrie Hosken' (from 2 hrs 50 mins 10 secs) , Yahoo! News , Deutsche Welle

Supreme Court Brexit Ruling Unlikely to End May’s Legal Battles

Professor Jeff King (UCL Laws) comments on whether court challenges to Brexit could prevent it from happening, or at least substantially change or slow the process. Read: Bloomberg

When is a drone strike legal?

Professor Philippe Sands (UCL Laws) is interviewed about UK Attorney General Jeremy Wright setting out for the first time the legal basis for British military strikes against targets overseas. Listen: BBC Radio 4 'Today' (from 2 hrs 50 mins 56 secs) , More: BBC Radio 5 '5 live Drive' (from 2 hrs 23 mins 42 secs) , The Guardian

UK naive to expect easy ride in Brexit trade talks, says Lords report

Professor Piet Eeckhout (UCL Laws) says the UK airlines would be particularly affected by leaving the EU, as the World Trade Organisation has very little regulation of the aviation industry. Read: The Guardian