Advancing Binaural Cochlear Implant Technology
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Advancing Binaural Cochlear Implant Technology

The advent of cochlear implantation has revolutionised the lives of the severe and profoundly deaf.

The ability to integrate information from the two ears is critical to hearing performance and although bilateral implantation (an independent implant in each ear) provides some opportunity for this, the temporal information required to achieve true binaural hearing is completely absent.

The goals of this European Commission FP7 funded project were:

  • to optimise binaural hearing for cochlear implant users
  • to design and build a research platform for developing binaural strategies
  • to adapt hearing aid noise reduction algorithms for cochlear implant devices
  • to define objective measurements that can be used in cochlear implant fitting
  • to develop a wireless link between sound processors for better communication of spatial sound information

You can download a copy of the project summary here.

The ABCIT Project






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This project is supported by the European Commission under the Health Theme of 7th Framework Programme for Research and Technological Development.