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Physics of Living Matter Symposium 7

13-14th September 2012

Both the Physics of Living Matter symposia and the Physical Cell Meeting were established to help develop an interdisciplinary community of research groups with a common interest in the physical basis of biological processes. The teams involved have now come together to organise a joint meeting: PLM7. By moving the venue to London this year we aim to attract an even wider pool of researchers in the UK, Europe and further abroad. This year marks the development of the symposium into an international conference.

The Symposium this year will have the sub themes of:

  • dynamic cell organisation
  • emergent properties of cellular assemblies
  • information processing at a molecular and cellular level. 

Participation of students and young researchers is particularly encouraged. 


Chris Barnes (London, UK), Tariq Enver (London, UK), U. Gaul (Munich, Germany), C. Guet (Vienna, Austria), Martin Howard (Norwich, UK), Tony Hyman (Dresden, Germany), B. Lehner (Barcelona, Spain), P. Martin (Paris, France). J. Molloy (London, UK), B. Novak (Oxford, UK), T. Risler (Paris, France), R. Rodriguez Daga (Sevilla, Spain), E. Siggia (New York, USA), V. Sourjik (Heidelberg, Germany), JP Vincent (London, UK)

Featured Bragg lecturer

Professor Roger Brent, Seattle


Buzz Baum (UCL), James Briscoe (MRC NIMR), Guillaume Charras (UCL), Andrea Dimitracopoulos (UCL), Alfonso Martinez-Arias (Cambridge), Duncan Simpson (UCL), Matt Wakelin (UCL)