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UCL Library Services Strategy 2011-2014

Accountability Framework

This Framework marks UCL Library Services’ recognition that it is accountable to UCL for the delivery of the Library’s strategic goals.  It identifies who is responsible for measuring what elements of the strategy and when. It encompasses:

  • The role of the UCL Library Services Planning Team in delivery of the strategy
  • Implementing the Strategy through Implementation Plans
  • Communicating implementation progress to a variety of stakeholders
  • Using a variety of management and feedback data to inform the Strategy and to provide evidence as to progress and success

Planning Team
The Framework is owned by the Planning Team, which is ultimately responsible, through the Director of Library Services, for accounting for Strategy progress. At its quarterly meetings, it will monitor progress and the various lines of accountability reporting. Its annual May meeting will constitute a formal review, which will update and revise the Strategy as necessary. 

Implementation Plans
The Library’s Vision for 2011-204 will be delivered in 5 Key Performance Areas (KPAs).   Each KPA is assigned a Leader, who will oversee progress towards strategic goals by means of KPA Implementation Plans, which measure progress by means of success criteria. 

KPA Leaders will be accountable to the Planning Team for progress, and will provide quarterly progress reports against Implementation Plans to the Planning Team.

The KPA Leaders for the 2011-2014 Strategy are:

  • Student Experience: June Hedges
  • Research Support: Lesley Pitman
  • Support for Healthcare: Betsy Anagnostelis and Kate Cheney
  • Space Management: Ben Meunier
  • Widening Participation and Public Engagement: Vincent Matthews

Accountability activity will be co-ordinated by Martin Moyle, as Strategy Co-ordinator.

Communication Plan
The 2011-14 Strategy Communication Plan establishes who needs to know what and when. Critically, this includes reporting to committees and senior officers with Library responsibilities within existing UCL governance structures. It also identifies who will communicate this information at an appropriate time and in an appropriate format. In terms of accountability, it establishes the frequency and route of progress reports on KPA Implementation Plans.

The Communication Plan is owned by Diana Mercer on behalf of the Planning Team.

Management Data
The Library Services Management Data and User Feedback Steering Group will, as part of its remit, facilitate the collation of management information and statistics, plus feedback data (from surveys and comments/complaints), necessary both to monitor the implementation of strategic goals and to inform the development of the strategy over time.

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