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The TLSS began work on developing an online reading list service in 2003. This service provides access to lists for taught courses at undergraduate and postgraduate level. The lists are linked to the Library catalogue (eUCLid) so that students can instantly check the availability of course materials. Increasingly, the lists also provide links to electronic versions of readings, in particular electronic journal articles and digitised versions of print readings, and links to other web based resources. As a result the lists have become a key tool to support the Course Reading Service provided by TLSS.

How to get your course reading lists added to the service

The online reading list service is administered by the TLSS. We are endeavouring to add as many new lists as we can to the service, but because of demand there is likely to be some delay between a list being submitted and it appearing in the online service, particularly at peak times, such as the beginning of the new academic year. So we have to set a deadline for submissions. *Sending your list in by this deadline will help facilitate the processing of your list for the start of term.* Teaching staff who would like to have their list added to the service are advised to contact the TLSS first. We can then discuss your list and give you an indication of how long it will take to input the list. Please contact us.

Maintaining your own list

Once your list is available in the system you have the option to maintain it yourself. The software used to create the online reading lists is simple to use and updates to lists can be made very speedily. We will provide you with some training (typically 30 minutes and we'll come to you), online documentation and support if you have any queries. If you would like to take advantage of this option then please contact us.

If you would prefer to have TLSS look after your list then please note that we will only make annual updates. To ensure this happens please send us a version of your list with any amendments clearly marked at least 8 weeks prior to the start of teaching.

Linking to your list from Moodle or other online environments

As our lists are web-based they can be linked to from any other web environment by creating a hyperlink. Each reading list has a unique URL which can be used to create a link. We can provide instructions on how to create links within Moodle. If you need any help on creating links to the reading lists please contact us.

Access to the lists

The online reading list service is only accessible to registered UCL staff and students who are in possession of a UCL ID.

Service information background

Library Services have a long standing commitment to making core materials available to students in the most accessible format. The implementation of an online reading list service is a continuation of the collaborative work with Information Systems (IS) and Education and Professional Development (EPD) which started with the Access to Core Course Materials Project. The Access project indicated that departments are increasingly keen on the electronic delivery of all relevant materials to students. That this is also popular with the student population is borne out by the popularity of the online exam papers. Building on these past successes Library Services is keen to extend its services, in collaboration with IS and EPD and in consultation with academic departments, to be able to offer online versions of reading lists.

The development of an online reading list service was stated as one of Library Service's strategic goals January 2003 - December 2004, which would build on the popular reading list service delivered by the Teaching and Learning Support Section (TLSS).

The project initially focussed on identifying the reading list software which would fulfil UCL's requirements. The main requirements were that software would have to be compatible with our Library Management System (Aleph), able to incorporate links to non-print material (i.e. e-journals), be easy to use, and able to integrate with the College Virtual Learning Environment.
A number of software packages were considered, before software developed by Loughborough University was selected.

Reading List software

The Loughborough reading list software was developed by the Library's Systems team to meet a specific demand for online reading lists. As Loughborough also use the Aleph management system we had no concerns regarding the compatibility of the software with our catalogue. Added advantages are that we are able to make slight adaptations to the software to tailor it to the UCL environment, and that there is potential to carry out developmental work in partnership with Loughborough and the University of Nottingham, who have also adopted the software. More information about the Loughborough system.

Project progress

Since September 2003, Library Services have been implementing a test version of the service. During this implementation phase we were able to test the software and make minor alterations to ensure that it meets the needs of all academic disciplines. The test version of the service was approved by Library Committee in February 2004. Since then work has focussed on fine-tuning the public interface of the service and creating training and promotional literature in advance of the service being demonstrated at the Teaching and Learning event in March 2004.

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Contact details

If you have any queries then drop us a line.
June Hedges, Co-ordinator, TLSS
Tel: (ext) 30106
Email: j.hedges@ucl.ac.uk
Pam Clarke, Digital Course Support Officer, TLSS Tel: (ext) 32087
Email: p.l.clarke@ucl.ac.uk
Or, email the TLSS (library-tlss@ucl.ac.uk)

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