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Italian Language & Literature

Letter Sub heading
A Italian studies generally
B Italian language
C Italian literature generally
D Medieval literature to ca. 1321
DD Dante Alighieri
E Literature of the Trecento 1321-1400
G Literature of the Quattrocento 1400-1494 (Humanism and Early Renaissance)
H Literature of the Cinquecento 1494-1595 (High and Late Renaissance)
J Literature of the Seicento 1595-1700 ('Marinismo' and Arcadia)
L Literature of the Settecento 1700-1780
M Literature from 1780 to 1816 (Neo Classicism; Monti, Foscolo)
N Literature from 1816 to 1860 (Romanticism and period of the Risorgimento)
P Literature from 1860 to 1915
Q Literature from 1915 to 1945
R Contemporary literature from 1945
XA Sardinian studies
XB Sardinian language
XC Sardinian literature
Y Italian travel

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Last modified 19th April 2004

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