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A printable version of this guide is available.

What is an Ebook?
  • Ebooks are electronic versions of printed books that can be accessed on a computer.
  • NetLibrary ebooks can be viewed online on any computer connected to the Internet
  • This guide explains how to browse and borrow ebooks from NetLibrary's collection of over 100 biomedical ebooks. There are a further 3,000 ebooks covering all disciplines which are freely available using NetLibrary
  • For further information on ebooks see: http://www.ucl.ac.uk/Library/ebooks.shtml
Accessing netLibrary
  • UCL staff and students can access NetLibrary via Metalib
  • NHS Users should go to www.netlibrary.com, then select Log In in the top left hand corner and use their NHS Athens log in
  • To view details of all the NetLibrary ebooks subscribed to by UCL Library Services, select the list all ebooks option in the "In our collection" box on the right-hand side of the screen
Browsing NetLibrary
  • To browse the biomedical collection select the eBooks option in the "In our Collection" box on the right-hand side of the screen.
  • This will bring up a full list of all the books in the biomedical collection
  • On the to right-hand side of this list there is a "Sort By" tab, you can use this to order the books by title, author, or age
Searching NetLibrary
  • On the same screen for browsing the collection, you can also search for books. The Basic Searc box is located in the top right hand side of the screen.
  • Title or Author Search: when you know the title of the book you're looking for, enter a few significant words from the title and select the Title option from the drop-down menu above the search box. Searching terms using the terms ABC AIDS, for instnce, will return all ebooks that have both the words 'ABC' and 'AIDS' in their title. Similarly selectionAuthor will allow you search by author's surname
  • Selecting Keyword from the drop-down menu will allow you to search for the word in the Title, Author and Subject fields simultaneously
  • Selecting Full-Text allows you to search every page of very ebook within the collection for a specific word or phrase. Use this option to search for words that may appear in the text of a book but not in the title or other fields, or to search for text you remember from a book
  • Search Tips: Using * at the end of words to search for all words beginning with the same letters. e.g. clinic* will returnresults containing clinic, clinics, clinical, clinician etc.
  • Putting a search term in inverted commas allows you to search for an exact phrase.
  • Fore more complcated searches combining several fields, select the Advanced search link below the search box. This will allow you to combine Keyword, Full-Text and Author searches to get the most accurate result.

Search Results

  • The search results screen will present you with list of ebooks containing the word or phrase you have searched for.
  • Select Add to Favourites to add specific ebook titles to a stored list that can be easily accessed at any time without having to perform another search.
  • If you need to revise your search, add more terms to your search by using the search box on the right-hand side of the search results screen. You may wish to use alternative words to describe the same concept in order to improve the coverage of your search or correct any spelling variations or errors.
  • To search for another ebook, select Home from the top left-hand corner of any screen and you will be taken back to the Basic Search option on the NetLibrary homepage.

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Viewing an eBook
  • From the search results screen, click on View this eBook to select a particular ebook.
  • The book will open in two frames, with te table of contents on the left, and the text on the right. Select the chapter heading from the list of contents in the left-hand frame to see the full text in the right-hand frame.
  • If you want to print, save or e-mail a page, use the icons in the frame.
  • Selecting View this eBook is the equivalent of taking a boo k off the shelf and quickly looking through it. While you are actively using it, no other user will have access to it. If 15 minutes elapses without active use, it will be returned to the library and made available for someone else to view.

Viewing an ebook in this way is the equivalent of taking a book off the shelf and quickly looking through it. While you are actively using it, no other user will have access to it. If 15 minutes elapses without active use, it will be returned to the library and made available for someone else to view.

Bibliographic details for all of the netLibrary ebooks subscribed to by UCL Library Services can be found in eUCLid, the UCL Library catalogue. If you are using a computer connected to the Internet, the catalogue entry for each ebook will link directly to the ebook details on the netLibrary website. Once there you will be able to view the full-text of the ebook as normal.

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Adding notes to a NetLibrary book
  • You can add notes to any page of an ebook, which you can then save for future reference.
  • Display the page and select the Notes tab in the left frame. Use the name field to give your note a unique descriptive name. Add text to the note field and select Add Note.
Further NetLibrary features
  • The Favourites and Notes link at the top right-hand side of the page will retain any titles or notes you add, from one session to the next.
  • When you have an ebook open, the Dictionary tab in the left frame can be used to look up unfamiliar or interesting terms
  • The Search tab enables you to locate specific terms within the whole text of the ebook you have open.
  • You can copy, paste and print sections of the text in accordance with current copyright legislation.
  • The NetLibrary Help pages are available by clicking on the Help link at the top right-hand corner of the home and search results pages. When viewing an ebook, you can click on the help icon to get context-sensitive help for the tab you have selected.

Remember to Log-Out!
As only one person can look at a NetLibrary ebook at any time it's important to log-out once you've finished. You can do this by selecting log out in the top left-hand side of the search screen.

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