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Information for electronic Library resource users
Access to e-resources

UCL users are encouraged to use Explore, UCL Library Services. search tool for finding journals, books, full-text articles, archive material and much more. Whether you’re looking for items on your reading list or information for a project or research, you.ll find it in Explore and you get instant access to any full-text we subscribe to.

Explore also provides links to tools for finding individual ejournals and databases. Using this route guarantees that you get free access to all the resources to which you are entitled as a UCL member. If you are on-site you will not need to log in to resources. If you are off-site, you will be prompted for your UCL userid and password automatically.

If you reach an electronic resource to which UCL subscribes, by another route, you can follow the instructions in the section "Logging in on a resource's homepage".

Who can access UCL's e-resources?

Current students and employees of UCL, plus Honorary members of staff, can access UCL's electronic library resources.

Access to our electronic resources is determined by the legally binding contracts that we, as a University, sign when entering into an agreement with a publisher or provider. Most of our contracts have educational arrangements, agreed on a national basis with such bodies as Eduserv Chest and JISC.

As the sub-licensee, UCL is generally permitted to grant 'full' access (ie from anywhere on the internet) to currently registered students and employees of UCL. Honorary members of staff, defined as 'persons of eminence in their field, and those who perform extraordinary meritorious service to an Institution', are permitted to use our electronic resources for academic purposes only.

All these people, irrespective of the site at which they work or study, are entitled to register for a UCL userid and password. UCL userids which belong to people external to UCL will not pass through the UCL e-resource login (see below); such people may wish to investigate Library membership in order to use the in-Library 'Explore access points'. These access points are available also to visitors to UCL afforded the title of eg Affiliate Academic, and to students enrolled on intercollegiate courses at UCL but not registered as UCL students. In all cases use must be for academic purposes only and must be in accord with the terms and conditions imposed by the licence.

Use in pursuit of non-academic activity or for commercial purposes is not permitted.

UCL e-resource login

Many electronic resources do not require a login from computers on the UCL network. However, if you are using a computer which is not on the UCL network, then when you follow links to electronic resources from the UCL Library Services website, you will often see the UCL e-resource login screen. UCL e-resource single sign-on screenshot

This allows the resource to identify you as an authorised UCL user. Simply enter your UCL userid and password in the boxes to access the resource.

Logging in on a resource's homepage

If you come across an electronic resource to which UCL subscribes, but you have not followed a link from Explore or the Library website, you can also login from the website of the resource. You should look for a link labelled something like:

  • Institutional Login
  • UK Federation Login
  • Shibboleth Login

Different resources use different labels, but in each case you will then be asked which institution you belong to, and you can select UCL from a list. This will then take you to the UCL login screen. See the Frequently Asked Questions for more information.

Registration for a UCL computing account

All UCL students and staff, including staff who hold honorary appointments ratified by UCL Human Resources Department, are eligible to register for a UCL userid. Please see http://www.ucl.ac.uk/is/register for information on the registration process. Please note that possession of a userid does not in itself confer eligibility for access to electronic Library resources.

'Explore access points'

Many of our contracts permit limited use by members of UCL Library Services who are not current staff or students of UCL (eg NHS personnel; alumni; retired staff; external members). These people should use the dedicated ‘Explore access points’ situated within Library buildings: we are not licensed to offer to these groups more extensive access.

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Last modified 17 September 2012

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