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Further help and advice
Best practice - top tips
  • Consider how you would expect your own work to be treated when you re-use other people’s work. Think about distributing your materials under Creative Commons
  • Always reference materials that you have used fully, including a link to the original (if it is online). Please note that this does not by-pass the need to obtain permission for re-use of copyrighted materials
  • Always be cautious about re-using works that are obviously copies of well-known works. The person that posted them to the site may not have obtained the necessary permissions.
  • Link to materials on web pages. That way students see material in context and if something does turn out to have dubious provenance you won’t get in to trouble for re-using it
  • Be prepared to remove material if someone (the copyright owner) does object to your re-use
  • Maintain a paper trail. If you contact a copyright owner about reuse, but receive no reply it is important to maintain a paper trial if you do decide to use the material
Useful Links

We do check these links regularly to make sure they are working, but if we have missed one or you have a resource you think should be added then please let us know.

UCL links

Tools and Advice for the HE sector

  • JISC Digital Media. Their Advice sections provide lots of helpful information for those using digital media in teaching or creating digital media:
  • JISC Collections CASPER Project for copyright advice for JISC e-learning resources
  • JISC Digital Media for how to use digital media in higher and further education
  • JISC Legal for legal advice on ICT use in education and research, including IPR
  • Web2Rights project for IPR and other legal issues toolkits, plus an animation about Web 2.0 and IPR issues for teachers, learners and researchers

Legislation and Government Sites

Creative Commons Information

FAQs & Copyright blog

It can be difficult to provide standard answers to copyright queries - they all vary and there are often factors which impact on the response/advice that we give. So rather than create a set of fixed FAQs we will be adding any queries that we receive to our blog along with a response. All queries will be tagged so please try there first to see if your question has already been answered.

We will also be using the copyright blog to provide information on copyright and related developments.UCL Copyright blog

If you would like to discuss any copyright concerns or have a specific question then please contact us by email. It is helpful if you can include as much detail as possible. Additionally, if there is information that we are not currently providing on these pages that you think should be covered please let us know.

Email us at copyright@ucl.ac.uk

If you have any queries or need further advice please contact: copyright@ucl.ac.uk

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