MRC@UCL Centenary Science Fair

In 2013 the
Medical Research Council (MRC) will be celebrating it's centennial year with a
series of public events. On Saturday 29th of June at University College
London; which is a major recipient of MRC support, MRC funded research units
and centres will be holding a Science Fair. This will be a family fun day for
all ages and will include lab tours, talks, hands-on activities,
interactive demonstrations, games and exhibitions. There will be stalls and
exhibits in the UCL Cloisters off the main quad, and a treasure hunt for
younger visitors. Some of the groups involved and activities planned include:

The Centre
for Medical Molecular Virology will run science workshops offering a fun,
hands-on experience of what the centre does. Including DNA extraction, testing
pipetting skills and allowing visitors to demonstrate creative flair by
designing and drawing their own interpretations of viruses.

The Unit
for Lifelong Health and Ageing will exhibit research findings about the
National Survey of Health and Development (NHSD), alongside a timeline of
public interest milestones. They will also host a variety of activities,
including testing grip strength and measuring reaction times. 

from the Laboratory for Molecular Cell Biology will show what
it's like to work in a lab, with various interactive presentations and
demonstrations, and the opportunity to discuss careers in medical research.

fellows at UCL will give a series of talks aimed at the general public
highlighting the biomedical research funded by the MRC. These talks will focus
on the big challenges in biomedical research including cancer, heart disease,
infections and diseases of the nervous system.

In addition, we will offer visits to
the research labs at the Laboratory for Molecular Cell Biology.


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