Guest Speaker Mounia Lagha

Temporal Precision in the early Drosophila Embryo

Event Host : Jonathan Chubb

Speaker's affiliation University of California, Berkeley

Monday, 1 December, 2014 - 16:00
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Professor Ewa Paluch Awarded Philip Leverhulme Prize

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Publication in BMC Biology for the Baum Lab

"An inside-out origin for the eukaryotic cell"

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Publication in Current Biology for the Baum Lab

"Myo19 Ensures Symmetric Partitioning of Mitochondria and Coupling of Mitochondrial Segregation to Cell Division"

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Group Leader Spotlight

Cell signaling and autophagy

Welcome to the Ketteler lab website! If you are interested in our research, please stay on this site. If you are interested in the high-throughput screening services that we offer, please click here. The Ketteler lab is interested in the regulation of cancer signaling pathways. We employ high-throughput screening and novel biomolecular tools to investigate growth factor signaling cascades and to identify therapeutic targets for anti-cancer strategies. The two main research projects are: 1) Identification of novel Grb2 mediated signaling pathways The small adaptor molecule Grb2 links growth receptor signaling to intracellular signal transduction cascades such as the MAP kinase pathway. In...

4 Year PhD Programme at LMCB

"Applications from EU nationals are invited for a place on the PhD Programme in Molecular Cell Biology at the LMCB. To apply please send a CV, Cover letter and contact details for two referees to j.pitcher@ucl.ac.uk."

"The interviews will take place in the week beginning 14 July 2014.”

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The scientific aims of the LMCB & Cell Biology Unit is to provide a molecular understanding of cell behaviour through discovery-based research. Cell biology is one of the most exciting and important areas of biomedical research and is likely to remain so for the foreseeable future.

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