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Publication in Development for the Chubb Lab

"Multiple cell and population-level interactions with mouse embryonic stem cell heterogeneity"

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Publication in Nature for the Baum Lab

"Kinetochore-localized PP1–Sds22 couples chromosome segregation to polar relaxation"

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Review in Nature Reviews Microbiology for the Mercer Lab

"Viral Apoptotic Mimicry"

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Group Leader Spotlight

Mechanisms of gene expression in neurons

The proper wiring of the mammalian nervous system is a task of unique complexity, which requires specific point-to-point connections between billions of neurons. At the heart of this fundamental biological process lies the ability of extracellular cues, such as neurotrophins, to regulate the expression of specific genes that encode proteins that promote neuronal survival, axon growth, differentiation, synapse formation, and, later, synaptic plasticity. Two major regulatory events influence gene expression: binding and activation of nuclear proteins to cis-acting regulatory elements in gene promoters and epigenetic modifications that alter chromatin packing and thereby access of DNA-...

About Us

The Medical Research Council Laboratory for Molecular Cell Biology (MRC LMCB) opened in 1993 on the Gower Street Campus of UCL. In 2013 the MRC LMCB became an MRC-UCL University Unit and Division within the Faculty of Life Sciences under the Directorship of Professor Mark Marsh

Our Vision

The scientific aims of the LMCB & Cell Biology Unit is to provide a molecular understanding of cell behaviour through discovery-based research. Cell biology is one of the most exciting and important areas of biomedical research and is likely to remain so for the foreseeable future.

Life at UCL

UCL enjoys a beautiful location at the heart of London. Studying and working at UCL will provide you with the opportunity to explore the best cultural and social events that makes London one of the most vibrant and multicultural cities in the world.