Guest Speaker David Lomas

Unravelling the Twists and Turns of the Serpinopathies

Event Host : Mark Marsh

Speaker's affiliation School of Life & Medical Sciences, UCL

Monday, 3 November, 2014 - 16:00
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Publication in BMC Biology for the Baum Lab

"An inside-out origin for the eukaryotic cell"

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Publication in Current Biology for the Baum Lab

"Myo19 Ensures Symmetric Partitioning of Mitochondria and Coupling of Mitochondrial Segregation to Cell Division"

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Review in American Journal of Medical Genetics for the Lloyd lab

"Update from the 2013 international neurofibromatosis conference"

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Group Leader Spotlight

Regulation of membrane trafficking and organelle dynamics

Research Overview The transmission of signals between cells and tissues is fundamental for normal cell growth and development. Only recently have we begun to appreciate the significance of information transfer between intracellular organelles. Eukaryotic cells are divided into distinct membrane-bound organelles with unique identities and specialized metabolic functions. Communication between organelles must take place to regulate the size, shape, and composition of individual organelles, as well as to coordinate transport between organelles. Research in our laboratory focuses on the regulatory networks that facilitate inter-organelle signaling and membrane trafficking between organelles....

4 Year PhD Programme at LMCB

"Applications from EU nationals are invited for a place on the PhD Programme in Molecular Cell Biology at the LMCB. To apply please send a CV, Cover letter and contact details for two referees to j.pitcher@ucl.ac.uk."

"The interviews will take place in the week beginning 14 July 2014.”

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