Friends of the Petrie Museum Seminar Programme 2017-18

These hands-on seminars using objects from the collection take place from 6-7.30pm in the Petrie Museum. They are open only to members of the Friends, and because of space restrictions attendance is limited to 8-10 places which are allocated in advance by ballot.
For further information please contact the secretary:

25 October 2017
Wolfram Grajetzki,  The Queens, the Princes and the Officials: the court of Ramses II

29 November 2017
Jan Picton,  ‘Seen to be Egyptian’: Foreigners in New Kingdom Egypt

6 December 2017
Anna Garnett,  Material Culture of Ancient Sudan: from the Neolithic to the Meroitic Period

24 January 2018
Jo Kyffin,  The Subtle Science: magical objects in the Petrie Museum

21 February 2018
Hannah Pethen,  Artefacts in Context: Objects from a Petrie tomb group

14 March 2018
John J Johnston,  More than Merely the Sun: Lunar imagery from ancient Egypt

18 April 2018
Janet Johnstone,  ‘Purveyor of precious stones’: ancient Egyptian jewellery in the Petrie Museum

16 May 2018
Lucia Gahlin,  Objects from Amarna to the Petrie Museum via the Wellcome Collection

13 June 2018
Valentina Gasperini,  Mediterranean imports in the Petrie Museum

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