Friends of the Petrie Museum Seminar Programme 2013-14

These hands-on seminars using objects from the collection take place from 6-7.30pm in the Petrie Museum. They are open only to members of the Friends, and because of space restrictions attendance is limited to 8-10 places which are allocated in advance by ballot.
For further information please contact the secretary:

16 October 2013
Wolfram Grajetzki,  Living in the countryside: finds from Badari and Qau in the Petrie Museum

13 November 2013
Jan Picton,  Ivory and ivory working in the Petrie Museum

15 January 2014
Massimiliano Pinarello,  Implements for writing practice: technology for the mind

12 February 2014
John J Johnston,  The paraphernalia of death: mortuary objects in the Petrie Museum

26 March 2014
Lucia Gahlin,  What do the objects tell us about religious belief and ritual at Amarna?

30 April 2014
Frances Welsh,  Fascinating faience from Meroe

14 May 2014
Alice Stevenson,  Predynastic Egypt in the Petrie Museum

4 June 2014
Stephen Quirke,  Mirror of Experts: learning sympathetically from the archaeological fake

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