Egyptian Fantasia held on 16 September 2006

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At the Fantasia At the Fantasia At the Fantasia At the Fantasia At the Fantasia
At the Fantasia At the Fantasia At the Fantasia At the Fantasia At the Fantasia
At the Fantasia At the Fantasia At the Fantasia At the Fantasia At the Fantasia
At the Fantasia At the Fantasia At the Fantasia At the Fantasia At the Fantasia

Sponsors and Donors
We would like to thank those who have contributed to the auction and for the generous sponsorship and donations received to support the event. The following list is in alphabetical order and does not reflect the value of the gift or the status of the giver – to all of whom we are immensely grateful

Michael Ackroyd   
Ancient Egypt Magazine (Empire Publications)
Ancient World Tours
Sally-Ann Ashton
Aurora Restaurant   
Barbican Centre  
Bloomsbury Theatre
Craig & Paula Barnes
Judi Barrowman   
Khaled Bazzi
Sarah Beddington   
Faculty of Continuing Education, Birkbeck College 
Lewis Blake   
Bloomsbury Academy,
Tim Boswell MP
Janine Bourriau
Christie Brown 
Canteen Restaurant,
Cathie Bryan 
Earl and Countess of Carnarvon   
Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design,
Chez Kristoff
Nicole Douek  
Jim Dunn   
Egypt Exploration Society,
Egyptian Cultural Bureau
Elstead Theatrical Society
Tracey Emin   
Erickson Beamon
Joann Fletcher
Friends of the Petrie Museum
Golden House Publications,
Mrs Margaret Hackforth Jones (Peggy Drower)
George Hart
Tom Holland
Imperial London Hotels   
KMT Publications   
Caroline Lees
Minerva Magazine
MMG Music,   
Family of Dominic Montserrat   
Gillian Mosely
Helen Nash
National Theatre Archives
Ros Patey
Delia Pemberton   
Lisette Petrie   
Petrie Museum   
Piranha Musik,  
Ivor Pridden
Stephen Quirke   
Hossam Ramzy,
Martin Randall Travel,
Real World Records, 
Jackie Reeve
Nicholas Reeves   
Bridget Riley  
Rimmington Vian
Saqqara Technology    
Karsten Schubert / Adam Gahlin
Mary Seaburn
Seasoned Pioneers Ltd
Ian Shaw   
Shire Publications     
Stern's Music,
Strathmore Water
Heather Tweed
UCL Catering Services   
Anne Watson
Anne White,
Joan & Gerry Whitmee
Toby Wilkinson
UCL Audio Visual Services

Organising Committee
Lucia Gahlin
Janet Johnstone
Gillian Mosely
Anna Pearson
Jan Picton
Lee Young

Event Managers
Caroline Boris: Production Manager
Nick Simpson: Technical Manager
Tom Bayliss: Sets Manager
Brian Wilkins: Lighting Designer
Freddie Harris: Technical Assistant

Artistic Directors:  Angeliki Athanasiadou, Margaret Krawecka, Christina Penna & Galya Solodovnikova
Set Designers:  Margaret Krawecka, Christina Penna
Scenic Painter:  Eleni Maragkoudaki
Prop Makers:  Bennett Brig, Samantha Ford, Gabrielle Grant, Margaret Krawecka, Eleni Maragkoudaki, Paula Sabina Perez, Christina Penna & Janey Xuereb
Set Builders:  Deepan Chakkayil Sivaraman & Tom Bayliss
Make-up:  Patricia & Anastasia Anapolytanou
Art Department Assistants:  Wiebke Behrens, Judith Bird, Efi Dementi, Dimitris Dimitsas, Ellakaisa Nordstrom, Denis Saul & Maria Williams

Archeologists:  Joe Herzfeld & Anna Neil
Anubis:  Michael Williams
Osiris:  Paul Huntley Thomas
Sphinx:  Joshua Knowles
Ancient Egyptians: Saulo Garrido & Sara Kirkpatrick

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