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The Friends hold lectures, special events and social occasions throughout the year.



**REVISED ITINERARY** 2 - 12 October 2016, Egypt with Lucia Gahlin
Saqqara, Amarna, Hermopolis and more. Egypt trip details and booking form here

Hands-on object seminars (members only)
click here for seminar programme

LECTURES (non-members welcome) and SPECIAL EVENTS

Wednesday 16th September 2015 at 18.30
Beth Ann Judas, Travellers from the Great Green Sea: The Keftiu in Egypt
Friday 16th October 2015 at 18.30
Kathryn Piquette & Michael Oakey, Crafting the Narmer Palette: New light on early Egyptian art
Double lecture and discussion and a chance to examine the Petrie Museum cast of the Narmer palette.
Wednesday 11th November 2015 at 18.30
Ilona Regulski , Middle Kingdom Ritual Reflected in Writing. The Case Study
from Asyut P. 10480-82.

Monday 23rd November 2015
Book auction in the Petrie Museum, viewing from 17:30, auction starts 18:00
Wednesday 2nd December 2015 at 18.30
Anna Garnett, A Tale of Two Landscapes: Sacred Space and Religious Expression
in the New Kingdom Eastern Desert.

Saturday 12th December 2015, Study Day
Tutankhamun’s knickers and other knotty textile questions.
In association with the Textile Research Centre Leiden and the Gurob Textile Project.
Friday 22nd January 2016 at 18.30
Gene Kritsky, The Tears of Re: Beekeeping in Ancient Egypt.
Lecture and book launch of The Tears of Re, sales and signing.
Wednesday 3rd February 2016 Exhibition visit
Two Temple Place, Beyond Beauty: transforming the body in ancient Egypt
Visit includes tour of the house and curator tour of the exhibition
Friday 19th February 2016 at 18:30
Paul Nicholson, Forgotten fronts: Photographs of Egypt and Palestine in WWI.
Wednesday 24th February 2016 Exhibition visit
Two Temple Place, Beyond Beauty: transforming the body in ancient Egypt
Visit includes tour of the house and curator tour of the exhibition
Numbers limited, repeat of 3rd Feb event. Details and booking form here
Thursday 3rd March 2016 doors open 18:00
Gillian Vogelsang-Eastwood, book launch and talk on the
Encylopedia of Embroidery in the Ancient World

Friday 4th March 2016 at 18:30 Book Launch
Massimiliano Pinarello, An Archaeological Discussion of Writing Practice
lecture followed by reception and sale of the book at special launch price.
Friday 18th March 2016 at 18.30
Violaine Chauvet, Mama's Boy: Mother and Son in Private Tombs Decoration.
Thurssday 24th March 2016 Museum visit
** FULLY BOOKED ** Visit to the Ashmolean Museum and Griffith Institute, Oxford
Friday 29th April 2016 at 18:30
Daniel Antoine, Ancient Lives, New Discoveries: Nile Valley Bioarchaeology at the British Museum.
Saturday 21st May 2016, Afternoon Lectures
David Rohl, 1. Exodus — Myth or History? and 2. In the Footsteps of Moses
with book-sale and signing. Ticketed, Details and booking form here
Friday 27th May 2016 at 18.30
Penny Wilson, Regions in flux: Sais, Mutabis and the Wandering Nile.
Friday 10th June 2016 at 18.30
Roland Enmarch, “Northern Gold-mansion of the Hare Nome”: New discoveries
of texts in Hatnub Quarry P.

Friday 29th July 2016 at 18.00
AGM followed by Petrie Summer Lecture
Campbell Price, Rediscovering Senenmut: statues, status and scandal
Lecture Theatre G6, Institute of Archaeology, 31 Gordon Square, London WC1

For the latest information please email the secretary:
or leave a message on the Friends voicemail 020 7679 2369

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