CMP People 

Dario Alfè (Professor in Physics)
Solid state physics, quantum mechanics modelling of materials, computational physics, Earth's core composition and thermal structure. John Brodholt (Professor of Mineral Physics) Geophysics and mineral Physics, particularly mantle materials

David Dobson (Professor of Petrological, Mineralogical and Crystallographical Geophysics)
High-pressure experiments on deep Earth minerals and rocks using  multi-anvil presses, diamond cells and a modified Paris-Edinburgh cell for neutron diffraction.

Michael Ammann (NERC PDRA)
Computer simulation on mantle materials

Dominic Fortes (STFC Advanced Fellow)
Primary interests are in the field of Planetary Science and cover the icy satellites of the Gas Giant planets, and their constituent condensed volatile minerals (CVM's). All aspects of icy planet tectonics, cryovolcanism, thermal history, and surface and atmospheric processes. Naturally, this leads to an interest in the consequences of ice planet geophysics and geology for subjects such as exobiology, particularly where conditions allow for the existence of aqueous solutions, such as appear to exist beneath the surfaces of Europa, Ganymede, Callisto, and possibly Titan.

Peter Grindrod (STFC Aurora Fellow)
Calculations and experiments to form thermal evolution models of the icy moons: (1) low-temperature creep experiments on ice, and possible contaminants, in order to better understand the important parameter of viscosity, (2) derive relevant parameterised convection models of the icy moons, which incorporate our numerical and experimental work, and (3) use the numerical code Citcom to model convection in the icy moons in 2-D and 3-D.

Simon Hunt (NERC Fellow)
High-pressure rheology

Carolina Lithgow-Bertelloni (Reader in Geophysics)
Mantle dynamics geared towards understanding the connection between the dynamics of Earth's interior and their surface expression, including the influence of dynamics on surface deformation and topography. Research approaches to these questions include numerical simulations and experimental fluid dynamics.

Oliver Lord (NERC PDRA)
Experimental determination of the propeorties of iron-nickel alloys

Monica Pozzo (Senior Research Fellow)
Ab initio calculations on material properties

David Price (Professor of Mineral Physics)
A pioneer in computational mineral physics and its applicaitons to the Earth's interior.

Benjami Martorell Masip (NERC PDRA)
Computer simulations on iron-nickel alloys

Lars Stixrude (Professor of Geophsyics)
The physics and chemistry at the atomic level controls geophysical and planetary processes. Fields of interests include mineral physics, geological liquids and fluids, condensed matter physics, high pressure physics, planetary structure and evolution.

Lidunka Vočadlo (Professor of Mineral Physics)
Ab initio simulation of the thermoelastic, melting and dynamic properties of planetary forming materials; cryogenic-high T /high P experiments on planetary-forming materials; ab initio simulation of the high P/T properties of metals.

Ian Wood (Senior Lecturer in Crystallography )
Crystallography, X-ray and Neutron Powder Diffraction, High Pressure and High/Low Temperature Diffraction Experiments, Clay Minerals, Planetary Ices