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Seminar and Workshop Programme

The CNT normally holds monthly seminars and workshops. The seminars will be given by distinguished speakers from within UCL and from other institutions. The workshops will be thematically organized, and will provide an opportunity for researchers within UCL working on closely related topics to exchange ideas and insights. Refreshments will be provided after the seminar, giving the opportunity for discussion with the speaker. In addition, an annual one-day March or July Workshop will be held, to which internationally-known external speakers will be invited, as well as presentations and posters from local contributors. This Workshop will be held in suitable UCL premises, and is intended to allow maximal opportunity for development of collaborative projects.

All welcome. Free admission, no need to register in advance.

2013-14 Events

The monthly seminars normally take place on the first Thursday of each month at 17:00 and the workshops at 16:00 also on Thursdays, in the 4th Floor Seminar Room of the Functional Imaging Laboratory (FIL), 12 Queen Square.

7 Nov 13 Seminar Dr Alexander Drzezga (Munich) Multimodal Imaging of Neurodegeneration

Monday 25 Nov 13 Seminar Dr Fahmeed Hyder (Yale) Quantitative Molecular Imaging with BIRDS

12 Dec 13 Seminar Dr Peter van Zijl (Johns Hopkins, Baltimore) Detecting low concentration compounds with water sensitivity and spectroscopic sensitivity using CEST-MRI

6 March 14 Seminar Dr Markus Nilsson (Lund) Apparent exchange rate imaging

3 April 14 *** Lunchtime Special Seminar @ 13.00 *** Dr Shaihan Malik (KCL) Direct Signal Control via Parallel Transmission for Patient-Adaptive MRI

17 April 14 Seminar Dr Steve Smith (Oxford) Big Data Imaging Studies: UK Biobank and HCP

1 May 14 Seminar Dr Pedro Calvaleiro Miranda (Lisbon) Modelling non-invasive brain stimulation

5 June 14 Seminar Dr Serge Charpak (Paris) Imaging local neuronal activity

3 July 14 Seminar Dr Kwanghun Chung (MIT) System-wide structural and molecular analysis of large scale intact biological samples (CLARITY)

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