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    R.C.T. Rainey Visiting Industrial Professor
    Rod graduated in mathematics and engineering from Cambridge, and is currently the Chief Engineer (hydrodynamics) with W.S. Atkins. As visiting professor he has collaborated on the dynamics of ships in waves.

    S.E. Svensson Visiting Industrial Professor
    Eilif has a PhD from the Technical University of Denmark. He estabilished the consulting engineering firm, ES-Consult. He works on the Great Belt suspension bridge (world's longest span) and the Sweden- to-Denmark Oresund link.

    F.A. McRobie (fam@eng.cam.ac.uk) Honorary Research Fellow
    Allan graduated with a First in physics at Bristol, and was a design engineer in Australia. He held a Royal Society Research Fellowship in the Centre. Now a lecturer at Cambridge, he collaborates on modal interactions.

    R.J. Martin (Richard_Martin@paribas.com) Visiting Lecturer
    Richard did a part-timePhD with J. Stark on irregularly sampled time series whilst working at the GEC Hirst Centre. He has now moved to Paribas, and lectures a course on Financial Applications on the MSc on Nonlinear Dynamics and Chaos.

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UCL Centre for Nonlinear Dynamics and its Applications,
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