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    J.M.T. Thompson FRS (jmtt@ucl.ac.uk) Director, Professor of Nonlinear Dynamics
    Michael was awarded PhD and ScD degrees at Cambridge, and was elected FRS in 1985. He has written four books on nonlinear bifurcation phenomena, and is the editor of the Philosophical Transactions A of the Royal Society of London.

    S.R. Bishop (s.bishop@ucl.ac.uk) Manager, Professor in Nonlinear Dynamics.
    Steve has M.Sc and Ph.D degrees in applied mathematics. He is the Manager of the Centre, and also the Course Director for the MSc in Nonlinear Dynamics and Chaos.

    J. Stark (j.stark@ucl.ac.uk) Professor of Nonlinear Systems
    Jaroslav has a BA and PhD in mathematics. He joined the Centre from the GEC Hirst Research Centre and is Course Director for the MRes in Biological Complexity run by CoMPLEX. He has just retired as editor of the journal Dynamics and Stability of Systems.

    S.A.Baigent (s.baigent@ucl.ac.uk) Senior Research Fellow
    Steve has an MSc. in applied maths, and a D.Phil. from Oxford for which he modelled atmospheric dynamics. With Prof. A. Warner of the UCL Anatomy Department, and Jaroslav Stark he is now researching the electrical and chemical properties of living cells.

    G.H.M. van der Heijden (g.heijden@ucl.ac.uk) Royal Society University Research Fellow
    Gert has a degree in theoretical physics, and a Ph.D. in maths, both from the University of Utrecht. He is working on localised buckling in structural mechanics and on bifurcation of homoclinic orbits in dynamical systems in general.

    A. Yates (ayates@ich.ucl.ac.uk) Research Fellow
    Andrew has a background in theoretical physics. He is working jointly with Prof. R. Callard at the Institute of Child Health and Jaroslav Stark on cytokine networks.

    S. Neukirch (s.neukirch@ucl.ac.uk) Research Fellow
    Sebastien has a PhD in mathematical physics from the University of Paris VI. He works with Michael Thompson and Gert van der Heijden on localisation in twisted rods and on the dynamics of tops, supported by an EPSRC grant.

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