Staff and Postgraduate Students

G. Santoboni (g.santoboni@ucl.ac.uk) (B.Sc. Physics, U. of Cagliari, Italy)
Giovanni has recently completed a PhD with S.R. Bishop on the subject of synchronisation of coupled chaotic systems and has now moved to a post-doc at the U. of Maryland.

O.S. Oerstavik (ucesoso@ucl.ac.uk) (MScIndustrial Economics, Norwegian Inst. Tech., MSc, UCL) Sakse attended the MSc in 1995-96 and has just completed a PhD with J. Stark on developing time-series methods for spatio-temporal systems. He currently works for Barclays.

K.J. Spyrou (k.spyrou@ucl.ac.uk) Senior Research Fellow
Kostas has a CEng, Dipl. Eng (NTU Athens) and PhD (Strathclyde) in naval architecture. Whilst at the Centre he worked on ship stability in waves on an EC (HCM) Fellowship.

F. Clément (f.clement@ucl.ac.uk) Research Fellow
Frederique is a mathematical biologist who visited the centre for the 1998-99 academic year on a French fellowship to work with J. Stark on the control of ovulation. She has now returned to a permanent research position in France but continues to collaborate with Jaroslav.

R. Carretero-González (ricardo_carretero@sfu.ca) Research Fellow
Ricardo has a degree in physics from the Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico, and a PhD in applied maths from Queen Mary and Westfield College, London. He has recently finished a project on the reconstruction and prediction of spatio-temporal time series with J. Stark and moved to a research fellowship at Simon Fraser University near Vancouver.

M.A. Chavez-Ross (alex@pims.ubc.ca)(BSc, Mathematics, Univ Nac Auton de Mexico)
Alexandra has just completed a PhD with J. Stark on applications of nonlinear dynamics to biology and the death of cells. She is now a research fellow at the Pacific Institute for the Mathematical Sciences, University of British Columbia.

D.J. Wagg (David.Wagg@bristol.ac.uk) (BEng, Civil Engineering, UCL)
David has recently complete a PhD with S.R. Bishop on the discontinous dynamics of oscillators which impact against stops.

R.Murray (rua@math.waikato.ac.nz) Lecturer
Rua graduated from the University of Canterbury, New Zealand, in 1994 with first-class Honours in Mathematics and obtained his PhD from Cambridge before joining the teaching staff of the Centre as a temporary replacement for J. Stark during the tenure of his Royal Society Leverhume Trust Senior Research Fellowship. His research interests include ergodic theory, numerical calculation of invariant measures and markov chain models of dynamical systems. He has now moved to a research fellowship in Canada.

M.E. Davies (michael.davies@kcl.ac.uk) Royal Society Research Fellow
Mike graduated with a First in engineering at Cambridge, and was awarded his Ph.D. in the Centre in 1993. His fellowship allowed him to develop his phase-space reconstruction techniques of time series analysis. He has recently taken up a lectureship in signal processing at King's College London..

C.R. Laing (carlo@math.pitt.edu) Research Fellow
Carlo has an MSc in physics from the University of Auckland and recently completed his PhD in applied mathematics at Cambridge. Whilst at UCL he workied on shell vibrations with Prof. Michael Thompson, and with Allan McRobie in the Engineering Department at Cambridge. He has now moved to a post-doctoral position at the University of Pittsburgh, via a short stay at the University of Surrey.

S. Foale Research Assistant
Stephen was awarded a PhD in the Centre in 1993, and then worked on modal interactions in shell vibrations on an EPSRC grant. He worked for a year at Smith System Engineering, and is now a computer consultant.

P.R. Chastell (B.Sc., Mathematics & Computing, Exeter)
Paul is writing up his thesis on quasiperiodically forced maps, and is currently employed at EDS Unigraphics in Cambridge.

M.D. Ellis (B.Sc., Theoretical Physics, Kent)
Matthew is writing up his thesis on large scale ocean circulation, and is employed by Racal Research.

Dao Lin Xu (M.Sc., Engineering Mechanics, Dalian, China)
After completing his Ph.D. on controlling and utilizing chaos at UCL, Dao Lin has moved to National University of Singapore as a Research Fellow.

K.M. Campbell Research Fellow
Kevin has a B.Sc. in maths from Bristol and has submitted a Ph.D. thesis on spatio-temporal chaos at Warwick. His research with the Centre was on chaotic forcing, using inertial manifolds and ideas from ergodic theory. Kevin is now working for a film company.

J.R. de Souza Research Assistant
After completing his Ph.D. on ship capsize at UCL, Jesse worked on heave-roll coupling, supported by the DRA. He has now returned to Sao Paolo where he is Professor in the Department of Naval Architecture at the Escola Politecnica da USP.

A.A. Popov Research Fellow
Atanas has degrees in structural engineering and applied mathematics and a PhD in Applied Mechanics from Bulgaria. He has now moved to DAMPT in Cambridge.

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