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   No Contract or Liability
  • We hope that our pages will be accurate and useful, but we can offer no guarantee of this, nor even (being maintained by individuals) that they neccessarily reflect the official views or policy of the Centre. The Centre cannot take responsibility for any consequences arising from any errors or omissions in the material: caveat lector.
  • These pages contain links to other material (for example resources at other sites, and pages maintained by individual researchers). Such material is not vetted by the Centre, and its content is subject to change without the Centre's knowledge. The existence of a link to the material therefore cannot imply any endorsement of its content, and none should be inferred.
  • In all cases, no liability or contract is accepted or implied by publication of any resources in these pages.

Use of UCL Systems

  • All users of UCL systems should be aware of the college's Guidelines on Publishing.
  • Attention is particularly drawn that nothing must be published which might bring UCL into disrepute; and where publications might influence the public perception of UCL their tone should be positive.
  • This code applies to any information whatever which is stored, issued or forwarded in electronic form via any computer system or network in the college. It specifically includes Gopher; World-wide Web; all computer bulletin boards, conferences and discussion groups; all email. (Freedoms of speech R Us).

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