Additions and Corrections to The Old Radical

The following items are additions and/or corrections to entries in The Old Radical: Representations of Jeremy Bentham, 1998, published to coincide with an exhibition in the Strang Print Room at UCL October–December 1998. Any comments or additional information on artefacts connected with Bentham should be sent to Louise Seaward.

Wood-engraving by William James Linton

A Dressing Gown

Bentham’s Life or Death Mask

* Added July 2001 (Modified October 2004)
Bust by Peter Turnerelli

* Revised March 2004 (Added July 2001)
Chalk Portrait by Robert Mathew Sully

* New 8 October 2004
Engraving of Ford Abbey

* Added March 2004
Engraving by George Washington Appleton

* Modified October 2004
Engraving for Westminster Review

* New 8 October 2004
Mourning Rings

* Modified 8 October 2004

Catherine Fuller
April 10, 2001