The Correspondence of Jeremy Bentham, Vols. 13 and 14

The Bentham Project has so far produced twelve volumes of Bentham's correspondence, publishing all known letters up to June 1828, and providing them with full annotation and a name index. The thirteenth and fourteenth volumes currently in preparation will complete the series, ending with Bentham's death in 1832.

These were the years of Bentham's greatest fame, when his lifelong efforts in the field of jurisprudence won him international renown. Despite his advanced age (he was 80 in 1828), he continued to campaign for law reform at home and abroad.

Volume thirteen charts Bentham's increasing interest in the cause of Catholic emancipation in his letters to Daniel O'Connell, and volume fourteen will provide an analytical subject index to the whole of the correspondence, as well as complete name, place, and bibliographical indexes for all thirteen volumes.

Catherine Fuller

This research was funded by the AHRC