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Securities against Misrule and other Constitutional Writings for Tripoli and Greece

Page Line   Corrected text
v, 35   Dr L.J. Hume
xxvi, 7-8 delete Unusually for the Bowring edition, the editor is not identified. identified.
    substitute The essay was edited for the Bowring edition by John Hill Burton (1809-81), author and historian of Scotland, who helped Bowring to supervise the production of the Works.
xxvi, 10 delete been responsible, or at least
xxvi, 12 delete If
xxvi, 12 delete did edit the essay, he
xxvi, 13 delete preparing it
    substitute the essay was being prepared
xxxvi, 2   According to Burton,
xxxix, 22-4 delete This was possibly the translation which Bentham had been encouraging Bowring to undertake,2 and to which Bentham may have had access at this time.
    substitute The 'Preliminary Discourse' had been translated by Bowring, with Bentham's encouragement,2 though the translation of the Constitution was based on The Political Constitution of the Spanish Monarchy. Proclaimed in Cadiz, 19th of March, 1812, London, 1813.
xli, 6   Legislative Senate
xli, 6   10 May
xli, 32   10 May
xli, 35   16/28 May
xli, 37   Executive Council
xliii, 37-8 delete Stanhope to Bentham, 24 October 1823, National Library of Greece, London Greek Committee Papers, vol. 10, fo. L.
    substitute Stanhope to Bowring, 11 November 1823, UC xii.151.
145, 6 insert hyphen at the end of the line
145, 38   60 Geo. III