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Correspondence XI

Page Line   Corrected text
42 n.1 after xii. 298 (March 1822)
    add a copy of xiii. 297 in the hand of Doane is at xiii. 295
147 n.7 delete Priestly’s
    add Priestley’s
194 n.16 replace current note with: In 1779 Samuel Bentham had composed a broadsheet entitled ‘Sir William Petty’s Plan for a System of Instruction relative to the business of the Marine Department, in the same words as in the original; but with the articles transposed; and marginal titles, supplemental articles, and remarks added’, which was printed but never published. The work was based on a short piece by Sir William Petty (1623-87), political economist, entitled ‘What a Compleat Treatise of Navigation should contain’, Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society, vol. xvii, no. cxcviii (1694), 657–9. A copy of the broadsheet is bound with other works of Samuel Bentham in Naval Papers and Documents referred to in Naval Essays, London, 1828 (British Library shelf-mark 716.d.28).
204 n.1 add A brouillon of a reply to this Letter is at UC x. 101–2, dated 16 February 1823, and headed by Bentham: ‘J.B. to Lureotis in answer to his Letter stating the desire of the Greek Legistive Council to receive J.B.s advice touching their Constitution. Brouillon thus commenced but not sent.’
238-65 n.1 add Drafts of this Letter dated 3 June 1823 in the hand of Bentham are at UC xii. 129, 131, 132, 133.
  n.7 add A draft of this note in Bentham’s hand and dated 26 June 1823 is at UC xii. 130.
  n.17 add A draft of this note in Bentham’s hand and dated 27 March 1827 is at UC xii. 134.
277 n.1 before
Balliol College, Oxford.
David Urquhart Papers I A6.1,
356 n.6v replace current note with: Bentham perhaps refers to Liber de Officiis, Leipzig, 1722, a moral treatise of Nicolaos Mavrokordatos (1670–1730), a Phanariote ruler of the Danubian Principalities, and a man of letters. The book was originally written in Greek and subsequently translated into Latin by Stephan Bergler.
    add at the end Or the moral treatise of Nicolaos Mavrokordatos (1670-1730), translated into Latin by Stephan Bergler in 1722 as Liber de Officiis.