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Jeremy's Blog: Thinking inside the Box

Jeremy blogs from inside his box in the South Cloisters. His first post was posted on 20 Nov 2008, and since then he has written on an irregular basis on subjects which spark his interest. Jeremy was initially a guest contributor to the 'London Blog' but went solo in April 2010 with 'Thinking Inside the Box', hosted by the Nature Network. Since late July 2012, his blog has been hosted by, and Jeremy has written a great many posts on a range of topics associated, at least tangentially, with science. These include musings on Charles Darwin; the retention and display of human remains in museums; food security; cryonics; nanotechnology; infanticide; Basic English; homeopathy; cloning; China's one-child policy; bestiality; robotics; happiness; and an entry in which Jeremy sets the record straight on his attitude towards animal welfare.

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