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The Mill Newsletter

The Mill Newsletter was published by the University of Toronto Press in association with Victoria College from 1965 to 1988, and was edited by John M Robson (1965-1988), Michael Laine (1971-1988), and Bruce L. Kinzer (1978-1988). The Mill Newsletter merged with the Bentham Newsletter to form Utilitas in May 1989.

The Bentham Project is extremely grateful to the University of Toronto for giving permission for The Mill Newsletter to be made available online. Thanks too to Phil Baker for the laborious task of scanning and compiling the issues.

Below is an index of the main articles, reviews and notes in each issue. Volumes 1 to 5 contain a bibliography of writings on Mill. Clicking on an issue number will bring up the corresponding PDF file.

Each issue generally contains a list of recent publications, 'Milliana', and reports on Mill-related dissertations, conferences, and queries. A subject index can be found in the final issue.

Volume 1, Issue 1 (Autumn 1965)

  • Karl Britton and John M. Robson, Mill's Debating Speeches, pp. 2-5
  • The Mill Bibliography: anonymous authors to A, pp. 6-17
  • William Robbins, Review: Matthew Arnold and John Stuart Mill by Edward Alexander, pp. 18-20

Volume 1, Issue 2 (Spring 1966)

  • John C. Rees, The Reaction to Cowling on Mill, pp. 2-11
  • Adelaide Weinberg, A Meeting of the Political Economy Club on 7 May 1857, from John Elliott Cairnes' Notebook, pp. 11-16
  • The Mill Bibliography: B to C, pp. 18-25
  • Note on the beginning of the new edition of The Collected Works of Jeremy Bentham, pp. 25-26
  • J.H. Burns, Review: Intellectuals in Politics: John Stuart Mill and the Philosophic Radicals by Joseph Hamburger, pp. 26-27

Volume 2, Issue 1 (Autumn 1966)

  • James R. Bennett, Mill, Francis Newman, and Socialism: Mill's Two Argumentative Voices, pp. 2-7
  • The Mill Bibliography: D

Volume 2, Issue 2 (Spring 1967)

  • N.N. Feltes, "Bentham" and "Coleridge": Mill's "Completing Counterparts", pp. 2-7
  • The Mill Bibliography: G to I
  • S. Hollander, Review: James Mill: Selected Economic Writings, ed. Donald Winch, pp. 8-15
  • R.A. Fenn, Review: James Mill: Selected Economic Writings, ed. Donald Winch,pp. 16-17

Volume 3, Issue 1 (Autumn 1967)

  • L.E. Fredman and B.L.J. Gordon, John Stuart Mill and Socialism, pp. 3-7
  • Murray Baumgarten, The Ideas of History of Thomas Carlyle and John Stuart Mill, pp. 8-12
  • The Mill Bibliography: J to L, pp. 13-20

Volume 4, Issue 1 (Autumn 1968)

  • James P. Scanlan, John Stuart Mill in Russia: a Bibliography, pp. 2-11
  • Pedro Schwartz, John Stuart Mill and Socialism, pp. 11-15
  • Anna J. Mill, Another of J.S. Mill's Reticences, pp.15-16
  • The Mill Bibliography: M to O, pp. 23-29
  • H.O. Pappé, Review: American Democracy in English Politics, 1815-1850 by David Paul Crook, pp.31-32
  • Sydney Eisen, Review: Women's Suffrage and Party Politics in Britain, 1866-1914 by Constance Rover, pp.32-34

Volume 4, Issue 2 (Spring 1969)

  • Anna J. Mill, Some Notes on Mill's Early Friendship with Henry Cole, pp. 2-8
  • Adelaide Weinberg, Richard Hussey Walsh and Mill's Theory of International Values, pp. 9-14
  • Scott Gordon, Mill, Population and Liberty, pp. 14-17
  • Geoffrey Tillotson, A Mill-Lewes Item, pp.17-19
  • The Mill Bibliography: P to R

Volume 5, Issue 1 (Autumn 1969)

  • John Grube, On Liberty as a Work of Art, pp. 2-6
  • Dennis A. Rohatyn, On Behalf of Ebel and Berlin, pp. 6-9
  • Marcia Allentuck, An Unremarked Yiddish Translation of Mill's On Liberty, p. 10
  • Francis E. Minenka, A Note on 'Some Notes', pp. 10-11
  • The Mill Bibliography: S to T, pp. 12-16

Volume 5, Issue 2 (Spring 1970)

  • Paul Adelman, Frederic Harrison on Mill, pp. 2-5
  • Edward Spivey, 'Here is a New Mystic', pp. 5-6
  • K.W. Britton, Perpetuating a Mistake about Mill's Three Essays on Religion, pp. 6-7
  • The Mill Bibliography: U to Z
  • James Steintrager, Review: Essays on Ethics, Religion and Society, Collected Works of John Stuart Mill Vol X, pp. 8-14
  • Edward Alexander, Review: The Literary Criticism of John Stuart Mill by F. Farvin Sharpless, pp. 15-18

Volume 6, Issue 1 (Autumn 1970)

  • William E.S. Thomas, New Letters of J.S. Mill to Sir William Molesworth, pp. 1-13
  • D.R. Watson, Clemenceau and Mill, pp. 13-18
  • Harriet R. Holman, J.S. Mill's Library, Provence, 1906, pp. 19-20
  • Ann Robson, Review: John Elliott Cairnes and the American Civil War by Adelaide Weinberg, pp. 24-25

Volume 6, Issue 2 (Spring 1971)

  • James Steintrager, Morality and Belief: the Origins and Purpose of Bentham's Writings on Religion, pp. 3-15
  • John M. Robson, "Joint Authorship Again": The Evidence in the Third Edition of Mill's Logic, pp. 15-20
  • Harriet R. Holman, What did Mill Mean to Poe? pp. 20-21
  • C.C.R. Turk, John Stuart Mill and Samuel Taylor Coleridge, p. 22
  • Dennis A. Rohatyn, A Note on Kaufmann and Justice, pp. 2-25
  • Edward Alexander, Review: John Morley: Liberal Intellectual in Politics by D.A. Hamer, pp. 25-28

Volume 7, Issue 1 (Autumn 1971)

  • C.L. Ten, Mill's Stable Society, pp. 2-6
  • John R. Billings, J.S. Mill's Quantity-Quality Distinction, pp. 6-16
  • Bibliography: Articles on J.S. Mill by Professor Gyōzō Fukuhara, pp. 16-18
  • Harriet R. Holman, J.S. Mill's Library: a Further Note, p. 18

Volume 7, Issue 2 (Spring 1972)

  • J.S. Mill, On the Character of Cataline, pp 2-9
  • William H. Hughes, More on Mill's Socialism, pp. 9-13
  • J.A. Graff, Mill's Quantity-Quality Distinction: a Defence, pp. 14-18
  • Scott Gordon, The Quality of Pleasure: Mill and Edgeworth, pp. 18-20
  • Margaret E. Fulton, Review: The Collected Letters of Thomas and Jane Welsh Carlyle, eds Charles Richard Sanders and Kenneth J. Fielding, pp. 21-24

Volume 8, Issue 1 (Autumn 1972)

  • Francis E. Minenka, John Stuart Mill and Neo-Malthusianism, 1873, pp. 3-10
  • Arnold Heertje and Evert Schoorl, Jean-Baptiste Say and the Education of John Stuart Mill, pp. 10-15

Volume 8, Issue 2 (Spring 1973)

  • Gerald McNeice, Shelley, John Stuart Mill, and the Secret Ballot, pp. 2-7
  • Glenn C. Joy, On Liberty: A Note on Mill's Use of Logic, pp. 7-10

Volume 9, Issue 1 (Autumn 1973)

  • J. Stanley Yake, Mill's Mental Crisis Revisited, pp. 2-12
  • Nicholas Capaldi, Censorship and Social Stability in J.S. Mill, pp. 12-16
  • John Lachs, Two Views of Happiness in Mill, pp. 16-20

Volume 9, Issue 2 (Summer 1974)

  • Gerald Sirkin and Natalie Robinson Sirkin, Mill in India House: A Little Bureaucratic Tale in Two Letters, pp. 3-7
  • Ged Martin, A Letter from J.S. Mill to John Plummer, pp. 7-9
  • Schneewind, J.B., Two Unpublished Letters of John Stuart Mill to Henry Sidgwick, pp. 9-11

Volume 10, Issue 1 (Winter 1974)

  • Anna J. Mill, J.S.M., Conservationist, pp. 2-3
  • Murray Baumgarten, Mill, Carlyle, and the Question of Influence, pp. 4-9
  • Scott Gordon, The Quality Problem in Utilitarianism, pp. 9-13
  • Roger Hancock, Mill, Saints and Heroes, pp. 13-15

Volume 10, Issue 2 (Summer 1975)

  • Gordon D. Hirsch, Organic Imagery and the Psychology of Mill's On Liberty, pp. 3-13
  • John Woods and John Walton, Is the Syllogism a Petitio Principii? pp. 13-15

Volume 11, Issue 1 (Winter 1976)

  • L.W. Sumner, Mill and the Death Penalty, pp. 2-7
  • Carl H. Ketcham, Dorothy Wordsworth's Unpublished Journals and the Dates of Mill's Visits with Wordsworth, 1831, pp. 7-10
  • Anna J. Mill, The Education of John: Some Further Evidence, pp. 10-14
  • Sydney Eisen, Review: The Later Letters of John Stuart Mill, 1849-1873, ed. Francis E. Mineka and Dwight N. Lindley, pp. 17-21
  • C.B. Macpherson, Review: On Liberty and Liberalism: the Case of John Stuart Mill by Gertrude Himmelfarb, pp. 21-23

Volume 11, Issue 2 (Summer 1976)

  • Louis B. Zimmer, John Stuart Mill and Democracy, 1866-67, pp. 3-17
  • Martha S. Vogler, Comte and Mill: the Early Publishing History of their Correspondence, pp. 17-22
  • Ann Robson, Legal Proof of Dissertations and Discussions, pp. 22-25
  • Charles Hanly, Review: James and John Stuart Mill: Father and Son in the Nineteenth Century by Bruce Mazlish, pp. 27-31

Volume 12, Issue 1 (Winter 1977)

  • Marcia Allentuck, An Unpublished Letter from John Stuart Mill to Joshua Toulmin Smith in the Lilly Library, pp. 2-3
  • Jacques Kornberg, John Stuart Mill: A View from the Bismarckian Reich, pp. 3-18
  • John M. Robson, "Feminine" and "Masculine": Mill vs. Grote, pp. 18-22
  • Bruce Kinzer, Review: John Stuart Mill and Representative Government by Dennis F. Thompson, pp. 24-27

Volume 12, Issue 2 (Summer 1977)

  • S. Sugihara and S. Yamashita, J.S. Mill and Modern Japan, pp. 2-6
  • Evelyn L. Pugh, Politics and Light Verse: Another Look at J.S. Mill, p. 7-22
  • Dennis F. Thompson, Review: Essays on Politics and Society, Vols. XVIII and XIX of The Collected Works of John Stuart Mill, ed. J.M. Robson, pp. 25-28

Volume 13, Issue 1 (Winter 1978)

  • Bruce L. Kinzer, Tocqueville and His English Interpreters, J.S. Mill and Henry Reeve, pp. 2-10
  • Marion Filipiuk, Tocqueville in Translation in Mill's Reviews of Democracy in America, pp. 10-17
  • Jane Millgate, Macaulay and the Whig Tradition by Joseph Hamburger, pp. 20-22

Volume 13, Issue 2 (Summer 1978)

  • Judith Skelton Grant, Glimpses of J.S. Mill's Views in 1843, pp. 2-7
  • Sarah Wilks, The Mill-Roebuck Quarrel, pp. 8-12
  • Bruce L. Kinzer, A Note on William Longman, J.S. Mill, and the 1865 Westminster Election, pp. 12-13
  • L.W. Sumner, Mill and the Death Penalty: Some Addenda, pp. 13-19
  • Ann Robson, Review: John Stuart Mill in Love by Josephine Kamm, pp. 21-24
  • Trevor Lloyd, Review: From Radicalism to Socialism: Men and Ideas in the Formation of the Fabian Socialist Doctrines, 1881-1889 by Willard Wolfe, pp. 24-26

Volume 14, Issue 1 (Winter 1979)

  • David A Nordquest, Husserl and Mill's "Psychologism", pp. 2-9
  • Mark Sheldon, Community, History and Proof, pp. 9-14
  • Bruce L. Kinzer, Mill in the 1970s, pp. 15-22
  • L.W. Sumner, Review: Sidgwick's Ethics and Victorian Moral Philosophy by J.B. Schneewind, pp. 22-25

Volume 14, Issue 2 (Summer 1979)

  • Bernard Lightman, John Stuart Mill and Immanuel Kant on Nature: Idealism in Mill's Examination of Sir William Hamilton's Philosophy, pp. 2-12
  • Dennis Christopher, Husserl and Mill: A Rejoinder, pp. 12-17
  • James Harrison, Mill and Darwin: The Natural Selection of Ideas, pp. 17-20
  • J.R. Dinwiddy, Review: Utilitarianism Logic and Politics: James Mill's Essay on Government, Macaulay's Critique and the Ensuing Debate, ed. and intro by Jack Lively and John Rees, pp. 23-24

Volume 15, Issue 1 (Winter 1980)

  • David Levy, Libertarian Communists, Malthusians and J.S. Mill Who is Both, pp. 2-16
  • J.M. Cameron, Review: The Lights of Liberalism: University Liberals and the Challenge of Democracy, 1860-86 by Christopher Harvie, and Brains and Numbers: Elitism, Comtism, and Democracy in Mid-Victorian England by Christopher Kent, pp. 21-25 
  • Christopher Kent, Review: The Idea of the Clerisy in the Nineteenth Century by Ben Knights, pp. 25-28
  • Jan Narveson, Review: Pleasures and Pains: A Theory of Qualitative Hedonism by Rem B. Edwards, pp. 28-31

Volume 15, Issue 2 (Summer 1980)

  • Marion Filipiuk, New Letters from Avignon, pp. 1-15
  • J.R. Dinwiddy, The Bentham Project, pp. 16-18
  • Michael Laine, Review: The Wellesley Index to Victorian Periodicals, 1824-1900, Vol. III, ed. Walter E. Houghton, pp.19-20

Volume 16, Issue 1 (Winter 1981)

  • Jack Stillinger, The Bodmer Mill MSS: Four Sentences of On Liberty, pp. 2-5
  • Rem B. Edwards, Narveson on Qualitative Hedonism, pp. 6-10
  • John M. Robson, Review: John Stuart Mill's Theory of Education by F.W. Garforth, and Educative Democracy: John Stuart Mill on Education in Society by F.W. Garforth, pp. 16-19
  • Joseph Hamburger, Review: The Philosophic Radicals: Nine Studies in Theory and Practice, 1817-1841 by William Thomas, pp.20-23
  • Richard Rempel, Review: Liberalism and Sociology: L.T. Hobhouse and Political Argument in England 1880-1914 by Stefan Collini, pp. 23-25

Volume 16, Issue 2 (Summer 1981)

  • Alan Soble, The Epistemology of the Natural and the Social in Mill's The Subjection of Women, pp. 3-10
  • Alan Ryan, Review: New Essays on John Stuart Mill and Utilitarianism, eds Wesley E. Cooper, Kai Nielsen, and Steven C. Patten, pp. 10-12

Volume 17, Issue 1 (Winter 1982)

  • Geraint L. Williams, J.S. Mill on the Greeks: History Put to Use, pp. 1-11
  • Peter Nicholson, Bradley, Mill, and Adultery, pp. 11-14
  • David Shaw, Review: Autobiography and Literary Essays of John Stuart Mill ed. John M. Robson and Jack Stillinger, pp. 18-22
  • Louis I. Greenspan, Review: Liberal Equality by Amy Gutmann, pp. 22-24

Volume 17 Issue 2 (Summer 1982)

  • Fred Wilson, Mill on the Operation of Discovering and Proving General Propositions, pp. 1-14
  • Louis B. Zimmer, Mill's On Liberty and Burke's Reflections: A Study in the Contrast of Opposites, pp. 15-28
  • Douglas Long, Review: Mill on Liberty by C.L. Ten, pp.30-33

Volume 18, Issue 1 (Winter 1983)

  • Peter Burnell, On Opinion in On Liberty, pp. 2-11
  • Roger N. Hancock, A Note on J.S. Mill and the Religion of Humanity, pp. 11-14
  • John M. Robson, Review: The Correspondence of Jeremy Bentham Vols. IV and V, ed. Alexander Taylor Milne, pp. 16-20
  • Wendy Donner, Review: The Limits of Utilitarianism, eds harlan B. Miller and William H. Williams, pp. 20-26

Volume 18, Issue 2 (Summer 1983)

  • John M. Robson, Harriet Taylor On Marriage: Two Fragments, pp. 2-6
  • Geoffrey Scarre, Was Mill Really Concerned with Hume's Problem of Induction? pp. 6-23
  • Margaret Schabas, John Stuart Mill to William Stanley Jevons: An Unpublished Letter, pp. 24-28
  • Thomas L. Pangle, Review: The Tradition of Political Hedonism: From Hobbes to J.S. Mill by Frederick Vaughan, pp. 30-32
  • E. Cappadocia, Review: The Real World of Liberalism by David Spitz, pp. 32-33
  • F.E.L Priestley, Review: The Omnipresent Debate: Empiricism and Trascendentalism in Nineteenth-Century English Prose by Wendell V. Harris, pp. 33-36

Volume 19, Issue 1 (Winter 1984)

  • Bruce L. Kinzer, Mill and the Cattle Plague, pp. 2-12
  • Mary G. McBride, The Influence of On Liberty on Thomas Hardy's The Mayor of Casterbridge, pp. 12-27
  • Ann P. Robson, Review: Wives and Property: Reform of the Married Women's Property Law in Nineteenth-Century England by Lee Holcombe, pp. 24-27
  • Geoffrey Scarre, Review: The Semantics of John Stuart Mill by Willem Remmelt de Jong, pp. 27-30

Volume 19, Issue 2 (Summer 1984)

  • Bruce L. Kinzer, Three Letters from J.S. Mill to George Campbell, pp. 2-8
  • Richard Friedman, Review: Mill on Liberty: A Defence by John Gray, pp. 9-13
  • Christopher Kent, Review: John Stuart Mill and the Pursuit of Virtue by Bernard Semmel, pp. 13-15
  • Jean O'Grady, Review: Parallel Lives: Five Victorian Marriages by Phyllis Rose, pp. 15-19
  • Kirk Willis, Review: James Fitzjames Stephen and the Crisis of Victorian Thought by James A. Colaiaco, pp. 19-22
  • Kathryn Chittick, Review: Literary Criticism and Reviewers in Early 19th-Century Britain by Peter F. Morgan, pp. 22-23

Volume 20, Issue 1 (Winter 1985)

  • John F. Laffey, Faces of Truth and the Sociology of Knowledge: John Stuart Mill and Karl Mannheim, pp. 2-20
  • John M. Robson, "Why Men?" Mill on the Masculine Gender, pp. 20-22
  • L.W. Sumner, Review: Happiness, Justice, and Freedom: The Moral and Political Philosophy of John Stuart Mill by Fred R. Berger, pp. 24-27
  • Allan D. Nelson, Review: Force or Freedom? The Paradox in Modern Political Thought by William T. Bluhm, pp. 28-31

Volume 20, Issue 2 (Summer 1985)

  • John M. Robson, John Stuart Mill to the Grotes: An Unpublished Letter of 1824, pp. 2-12
  • T.P. Foley, Two Letters of John Stuart Mill, pp. 12-27
  • Sheldon Rothblatt, Review: That Noble Science of Politics: A Study in Nineteenth-Century Intellectual History by Stefan Collini, Donald Winch, and John Burrow, pp.27-33

Volume 21, Issue 1 (Winter 1986)

  • John M. Robson, An Unpublished Letter from Mill to Jacob Waley, pp. 2-3
  • Keith Quincy, Samuel Bailey and Mill's Defence of Freedom of Discussion, pp. 4-18
  • William D. Thweatt, The Two Example's of "Say's Law" in Keynes's General Theory, pp. 19-25
  • Fred Wilson, Review: The Nature of Social Laws: Machiavelli to Mill by Robert Brown, pp. 27-32
  • Alkis Kontos, Review: Property and Political Theory by Alan Ryan, pp. 32-36

Volume 21, Issue 2 (Summer 1986)

  • A.J. Arscott, Mill's Alleged Advocacy of Centralization, pp. 2-5
  • Fred. R. Berger, Utility, Rights, and Consequentialist Theories - A Review of Utility and Rights by R.G. Frey, pp. 5-14
  • Martin L. Friedland, Review: Troubled Lives: John and Sarah Austin by Lotte and Joseph Hamburger, pp. 16-17
  • C.L. Ten, Review: John Stuart Mill's On Liberty by John C. Rees, pp.17-21

Volume 22, Issue 1 (Winter 1987)

  • Jean O'Grady, Mill and Fitzjames Stephen: Personal Notes, pp. 2-9
  • John M. Robson, George Grote Mill: Another Field Botanist, pp. 9-16
  • Neil de Marchi, Review: The Economics of John Stuart Mill by Samuel Hollander, pp. 17-22
  • D.C. Moore, Review: Mill by William Thomas, pp. 23-25

Volume 22, Issue 2 (Summer 1987)

  • Delos B. McKown, A Theological Anomaly in Bentham's Ontology, pp. 2-9
  • Marion Filipiuk, Letters to Mill from "A Friend of My Own Choosing": Antoine Jerome Balard (1802-76), pp. 9-27
  • Kirk Willis, Review: Frederic Harrison: The Vocations of a Positivist by Martha S. Vogeler, and The Religion of Humanity: The Impact of Comtean Positivism on Victorian Britain by T.R. Wright, pp. 31-33

Volume 23, Issue 1 (Winter 1988)

  • Ann P. Robson, John Stuart Mill and the Mighty Atom, pp. 3-13
  • Joseph Hamburger, Three New Mill Letters to Sarah Austin, pp. 14-21
  • Eric W. Nye, Five Letters of John Stuart Mill in the Reed Collection, pp. 21-24
  • David Lieberman, Review: Bentham and the Common Law Tradition by Gerald J. Postema, pp. 30-32
  • John M. Robson, The Wellesley Index to Victorian Periodicals, Vol. IV, eds Walter E. Houghton, Esther Rhoads Houghton, and Jean Harris, pp. 32-33

Volume 23, Issue 2 (Summer 1988)

  • Robert C. Schweik, Mill's Analogies in On Liberty: The Uses of Inconsistency, pp. 3-7
  • Bruno Rea, J.S. Mill on Justice and Rights, pp. 7-14
  • F.E.L. Priestley, Review: Excellence in Public Discourse: John Stuart Mill, John Dewey, and Social Intelligence by James Gouinlock, pp. 16-18
  • Joseph Hamburger, Review: The Origins of Agnosticism: Victorian Unbelief and the Limits of Knowledge, pp. 18-20
  • Index to The Mill Newsletter, by author's name and by subject, pp. 21-28
  • List of books reviewed in The Mill Newsletter, 29-33