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Dr Phil Jones

Dr Zhirong Liu

Dr Piotr Wasylczyk

Chris Fury

Chris Richards

Tom Smart

Nick Tidy

Natalia Tokarova

Ines Hidalgo Manzanera


Onofrio Marago; NanoSoft Lab, IPCF-CNR, Messina, Sicily

Giovanni Volpe; Soft Matter Lab, Gothenburg University, Sweden

Burcin Unlu; Medical Physics Group, Bogazici University, Istanbul

Eleanor Stride; Biomedical Ultrasonics & Biotherapy Lab, Oxford University

Ferruccio Renzoni; Department of Physics & Astronomy, UCL

NOIs Collaboration; UC Cork, TU Wien, U Innsbruck & Institute of Spectroscopy, Moscow

UCL Ultra-High Resolution Microscopy Collaboration; Jonathan Ashmore, Angus Bain & Guy Moss

Jixiong Pu; Huaqiao University

An experimental research group, based in the Biological Physics (BioP) section of the Department of Physics and Astronomy, UCL.


The UCL Optical Tweezers Group, autumn 2013
(L-R) Chris F, Tom, Chris R, Alessandro

P H Jones, O M Marago & G Volpe

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"...it is quite simply excellent..."

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Available from CUP or Amazon from 03 Dec 2015

Special seminar by Dr Barbara Fazio (IPCF-CNR): "A Black Forest of Silicon Nanowires"

Our paper Radiation forces acting upon a Rayleigh particle by highly focused alternate radially- and azimuthally-polarized beams modulated by a Devil's Lens has been published as JOSA A 33 2501-2509 (2016)

Chris (F) has been awarded his PhD.  Congratulations Dr Fury!

PHAS2901 "press conference" on our Scientific Reports paper on red blood cell stretching, Tue 01 Nov 16

Lecture slides for CoMPLEx ITPL/Nanotechnology MSc lecture on Optical Tweezers Mon 31 Oct 16 available here

Our paper 'Optically bound colloidal lattices in evanescent optical fields' published as Optics Letters 41 4935 (2016)

Congratulations to Chris (F) for submitting his final (corrected) thesis, 'Acousto-optical trapping and manipulation of microbubbles'

Advanced Characteristaion of Materials CDT now accepting PhD applications.  Project in Optical Tweezers Group: Nanomechanical characterisation of soft materials

Ines Hidalgo Manzanera has joined the group for a MAPS3000 project on Optical tweezers in cell biology

Natalia Tokarova has joned the group for an MSci project on Microswimmers

Optical trapping and manipulation of nanostructures Nat. Nanotech. 8 807-819 (2013) reaches 150 citations (Scopus)

SPIE conference proceedings from OTOM XIII 'Optical Kapitza pendulum' published

Tom is attending the PHOTON16 conference with a poster about our work on dynamical stabilisation

Dr Piotr Wasylczyk has joined the group as a visiting researcher

Phil will be at SPIE OTOM XIII in San Diego to give a talk on our work on dynamical stabilization (Sun 28 Aug)

Weronika Lamperska has joined the group as a visiting student, Aug 2016

Paper Photonic torque microscopy of the non-conservative force field for optically trapped silicon nanowires published as Nano Lett. 16 4181 (2016)

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